Reference Sires

Capriole's Tuffy James *Ennobled*

  Sire: RRD Ruger *Ennobled*
RRD Prime Suspect *Ennobled*  
  Dam:  RRD T634 *Ennobled*
Capriole's Tuffy James *Ennobled*

Sire:  RRD V808 *Ennobled*

Capriole's Kiss N Tell

Dam:  Capriole's  GD Love Affair


Semen available: $100 per straw

Show Me Boers RRD Patriot *Ennobled* (pending)

  Sire: RRD-10B2B AK-47 *Ennobled*
Sire: 10B2B RRD Long Range *Ennobled*
  Dam: LL581 Casper *Ennobled*

Show Me Boers RRD Patriot
Reg. # 10501931


Sire: RRD Ruger *Ennobled*

Dam: Show Me Boers Red, White & Beautiful *Ennobled*

Dam: Show Me Boers Splash of Color


Patriot is the sire of the 2012 Jr. ABGA National
Grand Champion Buck! Show Me Boers TK's Double 07.


BDK2 AABG Easy Upgrade

  Sire: CSB Ruger Reloaded *Ennobled*
Sire: CSB Maximum Impact *Ennobled*
  Dam: MCR RRD Smokin Hot *Ennobled*
BDK2 AABG Easy Upgrade
  Sire: TLB T333 "Ripper" *Ennobled*
Dam: BDK2 AABG One Hip Rip *Ennobled*
  Dam: AABG OOO La La *Ennobled*

Co-owned with Trevor Bjerke
Live Coverage breeding fee $500
Flush Fee $1000
Semen available: $100 per straw



2DOX Crown Royal

  Sire: TX Holdem EGGS V616 *Ennobled*
Sire: EGGS X916
  Dam: RRD P663 *Ennobled*
2DOX Crown Royal

Sire: RRD Guage*Ennobled*

Dam: AABG Loid Covergirl *Ennobled*

Dam: EGGS Palina*Ennobled*




Righteous Power

  RRD Cannon**Ennobled**
2DOX Righteous *Ennobled*  
  AABG/Loid Covergirl *Ennobled*
Show Me Boers Righteous Power
  RRD Cannon **Ennobled**
Ash Creek Lil' Ashley
  RNDS Eggscessory

Show Wins:
• 3rd out of 66 3-6 month Bucks

2008 Abga Nationals

2Dox Righteous *Ennobled*

  RRD Gunsmoke *Ennobled*
RRD Cannon *Ennobled*
  RRD P663 *Ennobled*
2Dox Righteous **Ennolbed **
  RRD Guage *Ennobled*
AABG/Loid Covergirl *Ennobled*
  EGGS *Ennobled*

Righteous is one of my favorite bucks. He will put a front end on that is just beautiful. His kids are outstanding, they are upfronted, big boned, wide and are set on all 4 corners. WOW!!! Show Wins: • Overall Grand Champion Bucks 2006 Sonora Classic


10B2B RRD Long Range

  RRD Rugger **Ennobled**
RRD-10B2B AK 47 **Ennobled**  
  RRD T541
10B2B RRD Long Range
  Hilltop Nitro
LL581 Casper
  EGGS 911 Marilyn **Ennobled**

Show Me Boers Portfolio *Ennobled*

Semen available: $50.00 a straw

Show Wins:
• Reserve Jr. Grand Champion

2006 Abga Nationals
  RRD Guage *Ennobled*
Collateral Damage *Ennobled*
Portfolio *Ennobled*
  Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled*
Show Me Boers Splash of Color
  Ward Winning Colores *Ennobled*



2Dox Reserve Crown

Show Wins:
• 1st 20-24mo FB Buck
2011 ABGA Nationals
• Yearlng Champion FB Buck
2010 Tulsa State Fair
• Reserve Overall GCH FB Buck
2010 Tulsa State Fair
  TX Holdem EGGS V636
EGGS X916  
  RRD P663 **Ennobled**
2Dox Reserve Crown
  RRD Guage **Ennobled**
AABG LOID Covergirl **Ennobled**
  EGGS Paulina **Ennobled**

RRD Hevi-Shot T656

  Ryals Topbrass **Ennobled**
RRD Brass Shot S916 **Ennobled**
  RRD P635
RRD Hevi-Shot T656 *Ennobled*
  AAW Limpopo's Lugar **Ennobled**
Ward S2